Gwen is a highly trained aesthetic registered nurse and medical aesthetician who has over 15 years of experience working with patients to eliminate spider veins. She is certified in sclerotherapy among the countless other certifications she has worked hard to earn. Prior to your treatment, she will consult with you on the troubled areas to find out where the focus should be. This intricate but quick procedure has been around since the 1930s!

Sclerotherapy is a medical procedure used to eliminate spider veins (especially before they turn into varicose veins). Sclerotherapy involves an injection of a high-strength saline solution. Using the smallest gauge needle, the high-strength saline solution is injected directly into the spider vein which causes it to fade from view. Our nurses allow this simple and quick procedure for sexy legs in no time! $150 per syringe.

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Purple Rain IV Wellness Bar
Purple Rain IV Wellness Bar